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8. september 2020 14:04 | Af: Ritzau Info

Pressemeddelelse fra Coop Danmark A/S

On 1 September 2020, Coop established a new independent company: Lobyco A/S.

It kicks off with 120 employees, working on the development and operation of digital solutions. The idea is to sell the solutions developed for customers in Coop’s Danish shops to other chains around the world. The ambition is to create a global software company.

“We have witnessed huge interest in the solutions we have developed for the Coop App. We have already sold the first solutions and we are currently holding discussions with retailers from the likes of The United States, Europe, South America and even New Zealand,” says Jan Madsen, Group Managing Director of Coop and CEO of the new company.

Lobyco has become an official Microsoft ISV Partner. This provides access to Microsoft’s global network of retail customers, and the solutions were one of Microsoft’s top attractions at the world’s largest trade fair for retail technology in New York earlier this year.

“By making it an independent business area, not only will we get a profitable business that can supplement our core business, but also, perhaps even more importantly, give us greater capacity to develop the digital solutions of tomorrow, thereby maintaining our leading position in the field in Denmark,” says Jan Madsen.

The Coop App has won international attention. It has been voted the best app in Denmark, has been downloaded 1.8 million times, has over 200,000 users a day and features a wide range of benefits for users. With the Coop App, customers can use their phone, for instance, to:

  • Order items from MAD delivered directly to their door throughout Denmark
  • Avoid the checkout queue in Coop’s shops by using Scan & Pay
  • Follow the carbon footprint of their purchases by using the climate button
  • Deposit money in a Prime Account and get bonus and streaming benefits
  • Receive personally relevant deals on groceries
  • Receive news and offers sent directly from their local shop
  • Get feeds featuring stories about groceries and food inspiration
  • Store digital receipts
  • Play games

“By means of the Coop App, we have succeeded in creating a new channel for communication with the customers. It is precisely this digital transformation that chains all over the world need, because they are finding that the impact of their traditional marketing is declining. That’s why there’s so much interest in the solution we have developed,” says Anders Mittag, Commercial Director.

“Our applications are based on Microsoft’s latest cloud technologies, so the platform has the potential to be scaled for the largest retailers in the world,” says Ole Buch, Technology Director.

Lobyco is led by an executive team with Jan Madsen as its CEO, and by Anders Mittag (Commercial Director) and Ole Buch (Technology Director).

For more information:

Ole Buch, CTO, Lobyco, (+45) 5383 1183

Jan Madsen, CEO, Lobyco, (+45) 5159 3838

Management of Lobyco:

Jan Madsen, CEO: Group Managing Director of Coop Danmark A/S, responsible for digital channels and business development. Previously worked for Carlsberg, Nestlé and McKinsey & Co.

Anders Mittag, Commercial Director: Former director of the member programme and Coop’s digital channels. Also has experience in management and commercial positions in Post Nord, ISS Facility Services, JohnsonDiversey and Unilever.

Ole Buch, Technology Director: Coop’s former Digital Director and has experience as a director and partner in digital companies, and as a consultant at PA Consulting Group.

Photo for free use: Henrik Frydkjær

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