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On July 2, 3 and 4, 2021, Denmark will host three stages of the Tour de France under the headline ‘Grand Départ Copenhagen – Denmark’. The entire Danish route is now revealed.

Pressemeddelelse fra Erhvervsministeriet

The opening stage, on July 2, is a 13 km time trial starting in the heart of Copenhagen with a series of spectacular highlights along the route – including the Citadel, Queen Louise’s Bridge and Amalienborg.

The second Danish stage, July 3, is a 199 km route from Roskilde to Nyborg with three summit sprints in North-western Zealand and an intermediate sprint in Kalundborg.

The third stage, on July 4, is 182 km route from Vejle to Sønderborg with an intermediate sprint in Christiansfeld and summit sprints on Koldingvej, Hejlsminde Beach and Genner Beach.

Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark is the northernmost start in the history of the Tour de France.

“Today I am very pleased and proud that we can present three unique stages where the riders will pass some of the most beautiful areas in Copenhagen and Denmark. It’s going to be a celebration for Danes everywhere in our streets and on the country roads – and at the same time, we get to show our beautiful cycling nation to the whole world. It’s going to be absolutely amazing!” says Frank Jensen, Chairman of Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2021 and Lord Mayor of Copenhagen (S).

A year ago, it was revealed that the Tour de France will start in Denmark in 2021, and Copenhagen, Roskilde, Nyborg, Vejle and Sønderborg were presented as starting and finishing cities. Today, Lejre, Holbæk, Odsherred, Kalundborg, Slagelse, Kolding, Haderslev and Aabenraa are added to the Danish municipalities where the peloton will pass.

Simon Kollerup, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (S):
“With as many as three stages at the start of the Tour de France next summer, we can show the world what Denmark is all about. This includes everything from the cobbled cities to the wavy yellow fields and tourist attractions that tell special stories about Denmark. The Grand Départ 2021 is going to be a great achievement and is also going to create great attention for both Danish businesses and Danish tourism.”

Christian Prudhomme, General Director of the Tour de France, about the Danish stages of the race:
“The first few days of the Tour de France often set the tone and atmosphere of a race that develops into whatever the riders want to make of it over the following three weeks. It is an exciting prospect to think that in July 2021 we will be applying the final touches to the start in the heart of a city that breathes and lives cycling. The first three stages will showcase the landscapes of Denmark and give rise to a wide range of scenarios in which power riders, echelon experts and sprinters will all get a chance to shine -a compendium of bicycle racing on flat terrain.”

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· The Danish stages have been developed in a collaboration between the Danish Grand Départ Secretariat and the organization behind the Tour, the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO).

· The whole route of the Tour de France 2021 will be presented in Paris on October 22, 2020.

· Simon Kollerup, Minister for Industry, Business and
Financial Affairs – contact via
Ditte Vibe Petersen, Press Advisor,,
+45 91 33 70 97

· Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen – contact via
Merle Simonsen, Press officer,
+45 2151 9112

· Christian Prudhomme, General Director of the Tour
de France – contact via Baptiste Ollier, Press Officer,
+33 (0) 6 40 16 67 67

· Alex Pedersen, Director of Grand Départ Copenhagen
Denmark – contact via Simon Kærup, Press Officer,
+45 24 92 62 98

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