PRM / EU climate law should be strengthened, paving way for climate neutral future

23. juni 2020 15:27 | Af: Ritzau Info

Today’s informal environment council meeting saw a first stocktake of the EU climate law, with Denmark emphasizing the need for strengthening the current proposal. Denmark stressed the need for a clear process towards climate neu-trality, binding for member states, with a stronger 2030 target essential for EU leadership.

Pressemeddelelse fra Klima-, Energi- og Forsyningsministeriet

The European Commission presented its proposal for a European climate law in March, and at today’s meeting, Denmark called for higher ambitions and an accelerated process. Prior to the meeting, Minister Jørgensen hosted a virtual breakfast gathering of ministers from Green Growth Group members to discuss how to ensure a strong climate law and an enhanced reduction target for 2030.

“The European climate law needs to become a strong vehicle for continued progress on the green agenda in the EU, ensuring a proper framework for our common journey towards climate neutrality and standing as a bulwark against developments that threaten to throw us off course. The goal of climate neutrality should be binding for both individual member states and the EU as a whole, and we need to recognize that the science compels us to achieve negative emissions in the second half of the century,” said the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen.

The COVID-19 crisis has turned the international climate calendar upside down, and have threatened to jeopardize global climate momentum. Despite the postponement of UN climate summit COP26 to next year, parties are still obligated to revisit climate targets this year under the Paris Agreement.

“In the face of a historic health and economic crisis, we must show that our commitment to the fight against climate change is unwavering. There is no time to lose and our next step is crucial. That’s why Denmark has been pushing hard for a stronger 2030 target of at least 55% by the end of this year. If we don’t walk the talk, how can we persuade other big emitters to ramp up ambition? It is imperative that the EU leads by example”, said the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen.


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