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The most significant event for hotel, restaurant and catering professionals in Finland, Gastro Helsinki 2020 will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre from the 11th to the 13th of March. The fair will include the Finnish National Championships for Chefs and Waiters and the publication of the 50 best restaurants in Finland.

Pressemeddelelse fra Messukeskus

The semifinals and finals of the Chef and Waiter of the Year 2020 National Championships will be held at the Gastro fair on the 12th and 13th of March. The Chef of the Year and the Waiter of the Year will each be awarded a grant of EUR 10,000, the former by the Finnish Fair Foundationand the latter by the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa. The Finnish National Championships are organised by the ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture in collaboration with a broad network of partners, one of the main ones being Messukeskus.

The Finnish school meal system is one of the oldest in the world, and the food served in Finnish schools is the highest in quality and the most healthy in the world. In celebration of these facts, the Gastro fair will include a School Meal Competition, held on Wednesday 11 March, where six professional kitchen teams will compete to create the best meal. Special attention will be paid to the teams’ responsible working practices and responsible school meal production. The finalists will prepare a meal for the jury, whose members will consist not only of food industry professionals, but also the best assessors of school meals, i.e. schoolchildren themselves.

Finland’s most significant list of the 50 best restaurants in the country will be published at the Gastro Fair on Wednesday 11 March 2020. This will be the 12th time the vote takes place, with more than a thousand Finnish hotel, restaurant and catering professionals and influencers casting their vote on the best restaurant in the country. In addition to an online publication, the list will generate a yearbook called ‘50 + 50 ravintolaa’ (‘50 + 50 Restaurants’), which will be distributed by the restaurants on the list, partner hotels and the tourist information points of various cities, among others. The vote will be implemented by the online media company Viisi Tähteä and the food and restaurant community Toptaste. As well as in Finland, the list will be published, for example, in Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

Five products and services awarded Best of Gastro recognition in advance

A jury consisting of Finnish industry professionals has chosen the Best of Gastro from among the products and services offered by the companies participating in the fair. Of the products and services entered in the competition, the jury chose five exciting new innovations, which will make kitchen work easier, enable restaurants to adopt responsible practices and help people to understand the environmental aspects of ingredients and meals. The best products and services presented at Gastro will be on display at the exhibitors’ stands throughout the event.

Vector VMC-H Multi-Cook oven (Dieta, stand 6C50) has independently adjustable oven chambers and is suitable for both fine dining restaurants and fast food restaurants with a high table turnover rate. The independently adjustable oven chambers allow you to simultaneously cook completely different types of food that require different temperatures and cooking times.

Buffet dishes suitable for an induction range (Dieta, stand 6C50) are cast-aluminium serving dishes with ceramic non-stick coating. Cast aluminium makes for lighter and more durable serving dishes than, for example, similar dishes manufactured from ceramics.

Recycling service for restaurant dishes (E. Ahlström, stand 6e50) helps restaurants dispose of their ceramic and porcelain dishes responsibly when they reach the end of their lifecycle, whereas previously they ended up at landfills. The recycling service is designed for all restaurants, whatever size, that want to act responsibly and in the spirit of the circular economy.

The JAMIX COâ?? calculator (Jamix, stand 6g28) is an application for calculating the carbon footprint of food. It automatically calculates COâ?? values for recipes and meals and makes it easy to compare the COâ?? values of various foodstuffs. The application will be on display at Gastro Helsinki at the Jamix stand 6g28.

Metos IoLiving Food Waste Tracker (Metos, stand 6a50) is a digital solution for monitoring and reducing food waste. It helps diners recognise the environmental impacts of leftovers, as the monitor, placed next to the leftover container, shows the total amount of food waste generated during the day.

Further information about the Gastro Helsinki 2020 fair and interview requests:

Messukeskus Helsinki, Communications Manager Antti Karjunen, tel. +358 50 574 3444,

Gastro Helsinki 11-13 March 2020: Held biannually at Messukeskus, Finland’s leading event for professionals in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector introduces the latest products and trends in the industry. Free admission to over 18-year-old professionals in the industry who register for the event.

Photographs from the most recent event are available for download at the Messukeskus mediabank at


Messukeskus Helsinki, Communications Manager Antti Karjunen, tel. +358 50 574 3444,

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