PRM / Huaweis sikkerhedschef til USA: Folk er ikke dumme. Fremlæg beviserne!

14. februar 2020 18:40 | Af: Ritzau Info

På et pressemøde fredag gik Huaweis øverste chef for cybersikkerhed og privatliv, John Suffolk i rette med de seneste dages beskyldninger fra USA om spionage og bagdøre i Huaweis produkter. Beviserne er pure opspind, mener han.

Pressemeddelelse fra Huawei

Via link John Suffolk spoke to journalists from all over the world, including a group of Danish journalists, and the outlet was an article in the Wall Street Journal, which was printed earlier this week. In the article, the US authorities claim that since 2009, Huawei has had the opportunity to collect information through backdoors built into the equipment sold worldwide.

– To be perfectly honest, I looked at the good weather outside the window and wondered if it was April 1 and thus an April Fool, John Suffolk initiated, explaining that he himself had the National Cyber Security Center visiting Huawei’s headquarters back in 2012 .

– I hosted them and gave them full access to everything and they compiled a report. If you go back and read the report, it contains no irregularities or evidence of illegality. Then had there been evidence already in 2009, they would have appeared in the report, John Suffolk explained.

He strongly urges the US authorities to provide all the evidence they hold:

– Let the world see them. Don’t put them away, there’s no need to be shy. Finally publish the evidence, John Suffolk told the assembled reporters.

Also attending the press conference was Claus Perch Nielsen, Operational Director of Huawei Denmark, who in the years 2014-19 was the chief executive of the Network Operations Center (NOC), where the most sensitive parts of TDC’s network were handled.

Claus Perch Nielsen explained to the participating journalists that there are two kinds of back doors. One is called “lawful interception”, which takes place when the authorities of a country suspect criminal acts and have legal authority to provide data – for example in the form of a court order. The other type of back door is just a hidden, illegal back entrance.

– What is happening now is that the United States says Huawei’s equipment has access to legal interception (on US Lawful Intercept, ed.) – and that is completely correct. It is mandatory in all countries for the network equipment to allow legal interception. But Americans are confusing the Lawful Intercept concept of building a backdoor into the web. And it’s downright wrong, he explained.

Claus Perch Nielsen emphasizes that if the United States found evidence of illegally built back doors, it would be Huawei’s final.

– Everything is possible when we talk software and electronics. So yes, Huawei may well be building a back door. So can other suppliers, our competitors. Some have even done it. But our business base would be gone in two seconds if we did, stressed Claus Perch Nielsen.


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