PRM / IFCO replaces Second Lien Loan of 200 million Euro prematurely

2. juli 2020 16:25 | Af: Ritzau Info

The new Term Loan B add-on facility is unchanged running for 6 years and the interest rate margin is significantly reduced to currently 3.5 percent per year

Pressemeddelelse fra IFCO Systems

Pullach, July 2, 2020:
IFCO GROUP, the world’s leading supplier of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, has prematurely replaced its Second Lien Loan, entered in 2019, by an add-on facility to its existing Term Loan B of 200 million Euro.The transaction met with lively demand among institutional investors in Germany and abroad and was over-subscribed several times.

The maturity of the add-on facility is unchanged in 2026 and comes with an interest rate margin of currently 3.5 percent per year. This means a considerable reduction in interest expenses compared to the previous second lien financing.

With the new add-on facility, IFCO is able to expand its funding framework for its planned growth while further reducing its interest expenses. The globally operating provider of reusable plastic containers for fresh food has already expanded strongly in the past years.

Please find the full announcement here.


Daniela Carbone
VP – Global Marketing
Tel.: +49 (0)89 74491-323

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